Friday, December 11, 2015

How to Pitch with a Top-Tier Blogger

When blogs first started to appear on the Web, these were perceived as nothing but unreliable, amateurish, and sometimes rant-filled personal journals gone public. While some of these primitive blogs remain around, many high-level blogs and bloggers emerged as serious sources for information and opinion. Niche interest blogs provide especially relevant information to specific readerships, and industry blogs have become a legitimate partner (or perhaps even an upgraded) for vertical-market trade and special interest magazines.

Communicating with top-tier, influential bloggers really should be part of any advertising campaign, particularly any campaign that seeks to arrive at specific interest groups. Are the rules different for pitching story ways to this quite recent media category?

The short solution is no. But all too often people have the same mistakes within their attempts to talk with bloggers which they do when pitching to traditional media, these types of the nature of blogs, that may make things go south quickly. If you are rude, incompetent, or inconsiderate within your pitch to reporter or producer in traditional media, they may probably just ignore you and the potential story. A blogger, in contrast, often will never hesitate to contact you out publicly and write a post how awful your effort was. Is that fair? Well, maybe or possibly not. You just have to know that it does happen, and infrequently.

So how might you avoid the pitfalls whenever you communicate with this influential and mercurial group?

Here are a few pointers:
Each of those suggestions absolutely pertains to traditional media or even bloggers, particularly ever since all writers and reporters are overwhelmed with emails, pr announcements, and manner of electronic communications. Create relationships together, become a resource for him or her, and help them to create good content because of their audiences. That will help two of you accomplish your goals.

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