Thursday, January 7, 2016

Blogger or Wordpress on your first Blog

Which blogging software program is best for an amateur who wants to make a blog initially?  The top two options for blogging are blogger and wordpress but that will you choose Google's renowned Blogger or Wordpress, that's probably the most popular choice.  Here would be the pros and cons of both platforms that may help you decide.

Google bought out Blogger when i was younger and there is really a certain security that accompany using something which is of google, in this you know blogger won't dissapear soon.  Blogger is frequently considered the beginners choice as it's so easy to build and customize your site but it can offer disadvantages too.  Because it can be seen as a beginners blogging platform some people consider it to get the worst choice when your aim is usually to make money blogging.

This obviously is just people's opinions, blogspot blogs are simply as easily monetized because other blog and also since it is of google, adding things such as adsense is manufactured very simple for any individual unfamiliar with this process.

Blogger blogs could be set up in just three quick steps rendering it very easy to work with and which is free to work with you can offer as many free blogs as you desire.  For just starting out I personally think Blogger is a good way to get accustomed to blogging along with widgets for adding followers, adsense, html images and videos and lots of other functions it's enough for any new blogger to get familiar with.

With Blogspot blogs you might also need the option to upload a custom template and you'll also change the main html page, again a great introduction to having a blog is having an opportunity to do these products.

Appearance wise I personally think this is when blogger is slightly lacking, nevertheless, there are many free templates available and a lot of custom widgets you are able to install with easy, blogger blogs can are likely to look untidy and  cluttered.

Overall blogger is an excellent choice for an agent who has never blogged before but also in many cases it is going to only ever be a stepping stone with platforms like wordpress.  My advice for any person starting out is to produce a blogger blog, get accustomed to all the different issues with blogging of course, if you feel at any stage you are prepared for more, you are able to always turn to another platform.  The experience will count and your blog post can still be people to you, you no longer need to delete it really because you are attempting other things.

Firstly wordpress can be purchased in two many forms, and This has confused many individuals starting out and some people are unacquainted with the difference between your two. is usually a free hosted blogging platform, comparable to blogger but I wouldn't normally recommend any beginner blogger get started with this version of wordpress, it really is not as easy to create and it's not a blog for producing money with.  Unlike blogger, will not allow you to make use of ads or internet programs on your website, so that it is a poor choice should you not intend to just blog for entertainment, and that is uncommon.  Most people wish to gain some sort of financial return using their blogs in case so, don't start with a no cost hosted wordpress blog.  Another much of this wordpress choice is that you cannot affect the css or html so you might be limited in how unique your site can be. however is among the most nicest blogging software you are able to use today.  It posseses an overall clean look and it is very customizable, and not as easy to create for a new blogger as blogspot.  The difference with wordpress is that it can be a self hosted blog, so there's an investment required in your part, blog hosting.  Hosting your individual blog means firstly which you must buy your own personal domain name and also you must also purchase hosting.

If you want to build your own hosted Wordpress blog however you have never tried it before, or are not familiar with technical processes like using ftp clients etc then this hosting provider you decide on is very important,  if you select a host which includes c-panel functionality it can be super easy to add wordpress on your domain.  In fact it possesses a great one click install.Either version of wordpress has many features, the widgets and plugins offer you a lot of treatments for the look and feel of your website and however, there are many things which you would ought to learn you wouldnt have to on blogspot, wordpress is still by far the most popular choice for any person who has some knowledge about running and creating blog.

For a first blog, I would recommend you to get started with blogger and understand the ropes, I would definetly use blogger to try out a niche before I invested anything in a domain and hosting and only proceed to wordpress when you're familiar with all the areas of starting your website.

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